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WorkAway Solutions is not just a great place to do work, get things done, build new things, do business - it is also a great place to connect to other businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

It means great opportunities for business, collaboration, and productivity. It may be your next client, customer, or business partner - the possibilities are endless. Our members come to us from Arlington, Alexandria, Potomac, Annandale,...

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As of Friday May 28th, Virginia has lifted capacity and distancing restrictions. Here are the key changes that you may notice at WorkAway…

  • No capacity restrictions for meeting rooms

  • Online booking for all meeting spaces

  • More activity as people begin to feel comfortable in public spaces again.

What stays the same at WorkAway…

  • Enhanced cleaning...

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There is a new buzz happening in northern Virginia (but not the cicadas yet)! Spring has sprung and vaccinations are helping people to feel safer being out and interacting. While we still have a ways to go with COVID, it is a good feeling to see more humans and to get outside again.

At WorkAway we have been happy to welcome back old friends for coworking and office space and excited to meet new friends seeking a place to be their...

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Was your reaction to working from home, the best news ever? Chances are you are saving money on gas in the car and getting more sleep because your commute time is 90 seconds to your office. You might have more time in the day to cook, exercise, start a new project, or walk a new puppy.

You may also be feeling more stressed than ever with kids home from school for close to a year, juggling snacktime, virtual school, sibling quarrels,...


As I sit here and reflect about my WorkAway journey, I have lots of emotions running through my heart and head. WorkAway opened just over 3 years ago as a passion project with a dear friend. We learned a lot in the first year and what our business model would look like. We met people we never would have met without coming together as a community. Coworkers who would become forever friends, people who were just passing through town and...