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With February here, a month celebrated for its emphasis on love, history, and cultural diversity, I find myself reflecting on the importance of diversity and collaboration. As a woman, a mom, a friend, a neighbor, and a part of the community, these observances hold a special significance but also bring ambivalence. While Black History Month gives us the focus to recognize and celebrate great contributions, it also gives me pause that we are...

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As the holiday season approaches, it's a time filled with joy, celebration, and reflection. For small business owners, this period also presents a unique opportunity to step back, recharge, and prepare for a fresh start in the new year. Here's why embracing the holiday spirit and taking a well-deserved break is not just beneficial but essential for you and your business.

The Power of Rest:

Running a small business is an...

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In the heart of every thriving community lies a pulse of innovation driven by daring and inventive entrepreneurs. These individuals see beyond the horizon, challenge the status quo, and tirelessly work towards crafting solutions that meet the evolving needs of society. At WorkAway Solutions, we don’t just observe this entrepreneurial gusto; we strive to be its nurturing ground. As a leading co-working space, we take...

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The holiday season is synonymous with family gatherings, festive celebrations, and a hiatus from the routine. For entrepreneurs, this period presents an opportunity to balance business operations while enjoying precious moments with loved ones. Here are some insightful tips on how you can ensure your business thrives during the holidays without compromising on family time:

1. Schedule in Advance: Utilize...

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At WorkAway Solutions, we pride ourselves on being more than just a coworking space. We are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small business owners who come together to collaborate, innovate, and grow. One of our cherished members of this community is Everest Home Improvement.

Everest Home Improvement, known for its incredible home transformations, has been a...

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With August being Wellness Month, I would be remiss if I didn't share my favorite local wellness spot!

Earlier this year, I started delving into the science of hormones, metabolic health, and reducing inflammation. I happened upon Deluge Spa after they had offered a meet and greet through the chamber of commerce. I couldn't attend the event,...


A recent article published in Fast Company highlights the transformative impact of local workspaces on carbon footprint reduction. According to the research cited, this alternative approach to work arrangements has the potential to cut emissions by a staggering 90%. These findings present a compelling argument for businesses to explore and embrace this paradigm shift, reaping benefits for both their bottom line and the planet....

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Harvard Business Review released a new article last month "Research: How Coworking Spaces Impact Employee Well- Being". They've written in the past about coworking decreasing loneliness and now discuss coworking as a "third space". This term is being more commonly used as a space other than the office or home. A neutral space where productivity can flourish. Read the article...


Working remotely has AWESOME benefits like reduced commute time that allows you to hit the gym, spend time with family or hit the snooze button a second time.

In a survey done by Gitlab, 37% of respondents have optimized their lives to spend more time with their family or community. 30% are prioritizing the outdoors or exercise and health. And 26% are streamlining their schedules to reclaim more time in their...

Get Organized

With the start of the new year, we often have a desire to have a fresh start to increase productivity and focus on meeting goals. Whether you work from home, from a local coworking space, and office, or a bit of all three, having systems in place are key to keeping focused. Especially if you are moving between two places, it’s key to utilize technology in order to do your best work, regardless of your surroundings.

Take the time to...

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A business process is a series of activities, steps, or tasks that help to achieve a specific organizational goal. It is often referred to as a workflow and comprises activities, decisions, and tasks that are necessary to produce a desired outcome. Business processes can be automated or manual, and they can be structured or unstructured. Business processes are essential for any organization to achieve its desired objectives.

Assess the...

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Automating business tasks can be a great way to increase efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. There are many software programs and services available today that can help you automate many of your business processes. From customer relationship management systems to automated invoicing and accounting, there are many options available to help you streamline your operations. Additionally, some services can even help you automate mundane tasks...


  • Organize Year-End Accounting and Expenses

    • Catch up on bookkeeping! If you need to catch up on your accounting tasks, do it now.

    • Wrap up all outstanding bills and payments before Dec 31.

    • Collect any past-due invoices.

    • Review year-end financial statements to plan for tax savings.

    • Based on your review, are there things you can prepay for 2023 to reduce your...

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Where we started isn’t where we are now. Members have moved away, a pandemic tried to wipe us out, and yet we are here and can celebrate making it to five years when more than fifty percent of companies fail by that point. Thank you to everyone who helped us grow and change to meet the needs of our area.

At the start, we had 80% open coworking, with a conference room and one team office. Now, we have 12 office spaces, 2 conference...

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If you've been to WorkAway, you may have seen a lot of business books floating around. I often get asked what are my favorites or what authors I've been most influenced by. Here are a few that I recommend for anyone working on a team, profit or not-for-profit.

Without a doubt, Simon Sinek is a must-follow. You can catch some clips of some of his speaking engagements on YouTube and they are great. I also had the opportunity to hear...


Google My Business mobile app is no longer a thing! It’s now all managed in search or on maps. Oh, and it’s also Google Business Profile now. 🙃

To get to your profile in search, type in “my business” into Google search or your business name. Your profile will come up and you can manage it from there. You will see an “Edit profile” button where it will allow you to make your updates.

To get to your profile in maps, go to...

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, fancy words for keeping track of your customers and potential customers. Some of you may be managing this on a spreadsheet, sticky notes or maybe even in your head.

A software tool like a CRM can help you organize the activities of your business related to sales, service and outreach. It will include name, contact information, a way to record your interactions, file storage, and more....


There are several terms that are used for the use of a business mailing address. You will see virtual office, virtual mail, and business mailing address used interchangeably.

At WorkAway, our mail service would be considered virtual mail or a business mailing address. The main purpose to have a business mailing address for your business is to shield your home address from being public record when you file for you LLC, corporation or...

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As of Friday May 28th, Virginia has lifted capacity and distancing restrictions. Here are the key changes that you may notice at WorkAway…

  • No capacity restrictions for meeting rooms

  • Online booking for all meeting spaces

  • More activity as people begin to feel comfortable in public spaces again.

What stays the same at WorkAway…

  • Enhanced cleaning...

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There is a new buzz happening in northern Virginia (but not the cicadas yet)! Spring has sprung and vaccinations are helping people to feel safer being out and interacting. While we still have a ways to go with COVID, it is a good feeling to see more humans and to get outside again.

At WorkAway we have been happy to welcome back old friends for coworking and office space and excited to meet new friends seeking a place to be their...

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Was your reaction to working from home, the best news ever? Chances are you are saving money on gas in the car and getting more sleep because your commute time is 90 seconds to your office. You might have more time in the day to cook, exercise, start a new project, or walk a new puppy.

You may also be feeling more stressed than ever with kids home from school for close to a year, juggling snacktime, virtual school, sibling quarrels,...


As I sit here and reflect about my WorkAway journey, I have lots of emotions running through my heart and head. WorkAway opened just over 3 years ago as a passion project with a dear friend. We learned a lot in the first year and what our business model would look like. We met people we never would have met without coming together as a community. Coworkers who would become forever friends, people who were just passing through town and...