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My Favorite Local Wellness Spot!

With August being Wellness Month, I would be remiss if I didn't share my favorite local wellness spot!

Earlier this year, I started delving into the science of hormones, metabolic health, and reducing inflammation. I happened upon Deluge Spa after they had offered a meet and greet through the chamber of commerce. I couldn't attend the event, but shortly after, I booked my first infrared sauna session, and I met Fiona, the owner. And my life changed.

Fiona is super knowledgeable about all the aspects that I was researching, and we clicked right away. She was previously a pharmacist and now a functional nutrition provider and understood what I was looking for because there is WAS! In West Springfield. The whole time!

I've called it the best-kept secret because tucked away on Traford Lane, Fiona has two infrared saunas, a grounding room, therapeutic foot soaks, and is now offering Brain Tap, which is a whole notha level. She also has a metabolic reset program that helped me finally get my hormones more balanced.

The benefits of infrared sauna are plentiful and include reduced pain and inflammation, improved workout recovery, improved sleep, detoxification, boosted immunity, and so much more. I'm a confessed super user member and go 3 to 4 times per week, but I'm a little obsessed. You can benefit from a 20-minute session, though I usually do 40 minutes.

In addition to the benefits of infrared, it's also my reset time. I listen to an audiobook, podcast, or meditate, whatever suits the day. Taking time away from all of my roles gives me the mental break that I need while I'm doing something awesome for my body.

Okay, seriously now....do not pass go, do not collect $200, go sign up for the new client special at Deluge Spa. 8336 Traford Lane, Springfield.

You can email Fiona at health@delugespa.com or call 703-569-1212.

I hope to bump into you there!