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A Personal Reflection on History and Collaboration

With February here, a month celebrated for its emphasis on love, history, and cultural diversity, I find myself reflecting on the importance of diversity and collaboration. As a woman, a mom, a friend, a neighbor, and a part of the community, these observances hold a special significance but also bring ambivalence. While Black History Month gives us the focus to recognize and celebrate great contributions, it also gives me pause that we are not weaving it into the fabric of our education system and ongoing dialogue. I’ve always advocated for an approach that seamlessly incorporates the achievements and struggles of all diverse groups into our daily discourse, ensuring that the perspectives of all diverse communities are acknowledged year-round.

As a mom, I was a fierce protector of my children from negative stereotypes in books and other media while exposing them to books with images of people worldwide, mindful of showing them brown skin like theirs, all the different shapes of eyes, lips, and noses, and all different types of family structures—many of those books I had before I even thought about having my children. As a social worker working with children and families, those are the books I would bring to share with the families I worked with. Representation is important.

Raising three young men has been nothing short of an experiment of epic proportions, never really knowing what would stick. I am proud to say that they are empathic, aware, and ask really good questions to further discuss the intersection of race, gender, and equality. There have been many conversations about the challenges of communicating in the midst of those things and how to navigate our world. I also understand that is not the reality for many, so we must shout out these themes and holidays to demand attention. Whether it’s Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage, Women Entrepreneurs…and more, it’s a time to celebrate and acknowledge.

Fostering Diversity Through Personal Connections

Our coworking space, a melting pot of diverse ideas and backgrounds, becomes a beacon for innovation, creativity, and mutual understanding. In line with the spirit of diversity, I invite every member of our community to embrace our differences this month and beyond. I encourage you to introduce yourself to someone in our coworking space you haven't met yet.

Each of us brings unique experiences and insights that, when shared, contribute to a richer, more inclusive environment. By forging new connections, we reinforce the foundation of a vibrant, collaborative, and inclusive community.

Together, let's honor our past, celebrate our present, and forge a future where all contributions, especially those from diverse backgrounds, are recognized and valued throughout the year. Here's to a journey of discovery, connection, and empowerment.