Virtual Office? Virtual Mail? What's the difference?

There are several terms that are used for the use of a business mailing address. You will see virtual office, virtual mail, and business mailing address used interchangeably.

At WorkAway, our mail service would be considered virtual mail or a business mailing address. The main purpose to have a business mailing address for your business is to shield your home address from being public record when you file for you LLC, corporation or non profit. For these filings, you are not allowed to use a PO Box, so a business mailing address comes in quite handy. Also, if you are planning on government contracts, applying for business credit, or in some instances employee benefits must also be associated with a physical address.

The term virtual office tends to mean a package of services that includes phone service and call answering. We do not provide phone service, but you could use Davinci Virtual, Opus VO, or Alliance Virtual office and still receive your mail at WorkAway. We are providers for the mail service portion of their plans if you would like to have a package that includes phone service.

An important note: if you are creating a Google My Business profile, you may NOT use a virtual office, virtual mail, or business mailing address for your listing. Google requires that the address you use is where business takes place. As an alternative, use a "service area" for your business rather than a physical address.