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Five Things for Five Years of WorkAway.

Where we started isn’t where we are now. Members have moved away, a pandemic tried to wipe us out, and yet we are here and can celebrate making it to five years when more than fifty percent of companies fail by that point. Thank you to everyone who helped us grow and change to meet the needs of our area.

At the start, we had 80% open coworking, with a conference room and one team office. Now, we have 12 office spaces, 2 conference rooms, about 40% open coworking and serve more than 60 companies with business mailing addresses. We innovated to respond to the needs and wants of our customers and through that able to sustain our business and continue to offer great services.

Thinking about all of the people who have walked through our door, cheered us on, supported us, or who may have been our naysayers, we have grown and it’s so appreciated. Here are some observations that speak to what WorkAway has become.

  1. COMMUNITY: In a coworking space, we all hail from different industries, backgrounds and roles, but our coworking colleagues become friends and part of our village. We celebrate together, mourn together and have each other's backs. Thank you to each and every person who has come through our doors to lend their spirit and support for the value of community.

  2. BALANCE: People who gravitate towards our coworking space in particular are at ease in our space, finding it comfortable to be productive and have the balance between their work and their home. They value their focused work time so that they may enjoy their home time that much more. The juggle is real and WorkAway has been a haven to have more balance.

  3. PASSION: The juggle IS real and people often are shocked at all that I do. My passion for creating community and creating opportunities for people to thrive is something that is just part of my being. Opening WorkAway for people to have space to create work that they are passionate about has been a pleasure.

  4. FLEXIBILITY: Whew, yeah talking to you 2020. All of us needed the ultimate flexibility the last couple of years. Our expansion in 2021 was truly a response to the need for flexibility in how people work and what work looks like. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to provide this needed service to our community in northern Virginia.

  5. PERSEVERANCE: Entrepreneurship is hard, I think many people realize that. I’ve been engrossed in startup companies for much of the last two decades and it’s something different each and every day. The hard days come right along with the awesome days. Trudging through and pushing past the hard stuff can drain your soul, let’s be honest. On the flip side that’s what makes the successes that much more sweet.

Wishing all of you more sweet successes in all that you do in your family, work, and community.