WorkAway is a Community

These kiddos are the history of WorkAway. From the time they were itty bitty, I juggled motherhood and working from home for most of their childhood. Childcare for when they were small, sitters for when I needed to travel, camps for those long, hot summers, and wonderful neighbors to lean on were all part of the ecosystem. The boys grew up peeking into my office when they got home from school to say "hello" but knew that mom was working; available if needed but also learning to be self sufficient. I worked in the franchise industry for a company that supported motherhood and later as a consultant. They grew up overhearing calls coaching business owners, conducting training, and talking with others about starting businesses.

When my middle guy, got his first job at a franchised restaurant, he was able to "talk franchise" with the owner like the true #franchisekids that they are. As they grew older and I was no longer accompanying them to the bus stop (for my only adult connection), I was eager to find a coworking space to go to a few times a month to be around other adults but there wasn't one nearby.

They have been a part of every step of building this amazing coworking space and community. They've worked on business plans and budgets, looked at property with me, built furniture, and so much more. They've grown steeped in entrepreneurship and learning about real life, just as I did. Come see what we have created, our community would love to meet you.


How We Started

WorkAway Solutions LLC was founded in 2017 by Susan King Glosby, an entrepreneur with more than twenty years of business experience and Nora FitzGerald, a journalist, editor and dear friend. We founded WorkAway as our kids got older and we started to outgrow the isolation of our home offices. From the beginning, it was a labor of love to create a comfortable yet professional space that was bright, friendly and inviting. Nora moved on to other adventures in 2019 to work full-time with the World Bank.

As a coworking and flex office space, we provide options to small business owners, remote workers and students who need a work home away from home. We believe in the power of community and connection as a place to build businesses, foster productivity and provide a semblance of work life balance.

We are proud members of the Global Workspace Association and the Mt. Vernon-Springfield Chamber of Commerce, both well suited to support and guide us and expand our reach to people who may need us. You can also find WorkAway featured in an article about Virginia’s best coworking spaces. Additionally, our determination to innovate and grow has made us a powerful ally as work has shifted more remote. We’re proud to provide spaces where entrepreneurs can continue to thrive on their terms.

We were founded to be a resource for entrepreneurs and others to have a professional space without the overhead of long term leases and contracts, but we’re more than that. We believe that coworking solutions can provide the platform to knit communities together. Join us, and make our supportive, modern workspace your home away from home. We look forward to welcoming you!