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What happens when the honeymoon is over?

Was your reaction to working from home, the best news ever? Chances are you are saving money on gas in the car and getting more sleep because your commute time is 90 seconds to your office. You might have more time in the day to cook, exercise, start a new project, or walk a new puppy.

You may also be feeling more stressed than ever with kids home from school for close to a year, juggling snacktime, virtual school, sibling quarrels, and your own work. Even though our coworkers or clients may be gracious and understanding about that background noise or kiddo popping in, it still makes us more stressed out and rising tensions.

Working from home can be blissful and can be super stressful. I did it for over 10 years and I was my productive self until I wasn’t anymore. Not that those years were all a honeymoon, but I was still connecting with coworkers on video chat and getting out of the house to see neighbors and occasional work meetings. Things changed for me when I was no longer seeing other humans at the bus stop in the mornings and realized that I hadn’t left my driveway for a week at some points in the winter.

In this new era of work, now more than ever juggling responsibilities, isolation, and loneliness are at an all time high. For most it was forced upon most with no guidance on how to navigate this new way of working. Just as schools are doing a hybrid model of part time at home and part time at school, it is extremely healthy for adults to do the same. Even if you still love working at home, the ability to be around others in a work environment has a way of sparking new ideas, increase energy and reduce stress. Even pre-pandemic, Harvard Business Review had published articles on the benefits of coworking, here’s one: Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces.

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