Community at the Core

As I sit here and reflect about my WorkAway journey, I have lots of emotions running through my heart and head. WorkAway opened just over 3 years ago as a passion project with a dear friend. We learned a lot in the first year and what our business model would look like. We met people we never would have met without coming together as a community. Coworkers who would become forever friends, people who were just passing through town and needed a place to work, and others who moved on to other adventures but we think of often.

There are stories. Lots of them. The depositions in the conference room when the “client” needed to be away from the windows. The sex ed video blogs that were filmed by a couple who were touring the country in a camper and educating young people. It has been an honor to celebrate births, new jobs and contracts, and growing businesses. We’ve bonded on the hard stuff in life, coaching each other through parenting challenges, decisions to close a business, and learning of loved ones' health diagnoses.

THIS is community. WorkAway is a place where community lives and grows and it’s amazing.

Recently, I was in a car accident, thankfully the car protected me and kept me safe, but it’s my tribe at WorkAway who had my back. As a solo mama for the last 10+ years and business owner, I’ve pushed myself through A LOT. The morning after the accident, still fuzzy from a mild concussion I sent an email to my WorkAway family to let them know I would be in late and why. While I was physically pulling myself together to make it into the office, emails and texts started coming in with messages that brought tears to my eyes. Notes of “we’ve got this, take care of you”, and “ we will take care of the office today, please rest. I felt supported and cared for and without starting the journey of WorkAway I would have never met these amazing people I call friends.

This is WorkAway. It’s a place where we come together to get work done, succeed, and be part of a community that cares.

We are expanding to make room for more people to join our community, come in for a tour, I'd love to meet you and introduce you to our community.