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Work from home they said. One year later...

There is a new buzz happening in northern Virginia (but not the cicadas yet)! Spring has sprung and vaccinations are helping people to feel safer being out and interacting. While we still have a ways to go with COVID, it is a good feeling to see more humans and to get outside again.

At WorkAway we have been happy to welcome back old friends for coworking and office space and excited to meet new friends seeking a place to be their focus place. The common theme for all of the people I have met this month is that they are needing an escape from something. A puppy who wants to play all day, the juggle of two parents working in the same space amidst young kids at home, or the overwhelm of the chores that are always there nagging and feeling oppressive are just a few of the reasons people are feeling they need to get out. With coffee shops closed, we even had a mom come in one day for a day pass to read a novel. It was a treat from her husband to go somewhere where she could relax and have some time to herself.

Often when I talk to someone on the phone or they come in for a tour, there is a feeling of guilt that they can’t do it all, that they shouldn’t need to go somewhere to get things done and that others seem to be handling it better. What you have been attempting to juggle is not humanly possible.

This last year is NOT normal, nor should it be the new normal. No one should be expected to work a full time job, homeschool their kids, raise infants and toddlers, take care of basic needs, and not be exhausted and overwhelmed. Pre-pandemic, balance was a myth (that is a whole other blog post) and now it is just not possible.

What you CAN do is the best you can one day at a time. We power through, sacrificing our sleep and self-care and get through the day the best we can. Some things that can help the day to day are:

  • Order meal kits such as Hello Fresh (directions are easy and the kids can help)

  • Have groceries delivered (yes its a pain to set up the first grocery order but it gets easier)

  • Enlist a local teen to come over and play with the kids or take them to the park

  • Hire someone to cut the grass so you can enjoy your time outside

What are things that can get done just as well, by someone other than you?!

We are here for you too! WorkAway is a place for you to escape to even for a few hours and I promise, it will feel amazing. You are welcomed as a new friend and we are here to make your days easier. Some people are surprised that our kitchen is stocked with snacks and drinks that are included with their day pass. We want you to be able to take a deep breath and have the freedom of focusing on YOU and what you need to get accomplished. You can also share one of our memberships with your partner, so you can both benefit.

We can’t wait to welcome you and your first day is always free, drop us a line at hello@workawaysolutions.

Susan L King Glosby, MSW