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Organize your Business: What is AUTOMATION?

Automating business tasks can be a great way to increase efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. There are many software programs and services available today that can help you automate many of your business processes. From customer relationship management systems to automated invoicing and accounting, there are many options available to help you streamline your operations. Additionally, some services can even help you automate mundane tasks like data entry and document management.

The absolute best source for automating tasks all in one place is using Zapier, in our WorkAway opinion. Zapier acts as a tool behind all of your different softwares to move information from one to another and to create tasks that have logic to them. For example, taking new customer information from a form submission and adding it to your billing system, CRM, and creating email follow ups. This blog post gives you ideas on what types of things you can automate for your business.

Building the automations can be a learning, but starting with one or two will help and give you a taste for how it works. First start by making a list of all the software systems that you are using and think through what you are doing now as a manual process. Are you manually inputting customers into your email marketing software? Is there information that you update in a spreadsheet that could automatically be sent there? There are also many that are pre-set up for you to get started easily. It’s really endless on what you can do with these types of technology tools.

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