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WorkAway Virtual Membership

WorkAway Solutions is not just a great place to do work, get things done, build new things, do business - it is also a great place to connect to other businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

It means great opportunities for business, collaboration, and productivity. It may be your next client, customer, or business partner - the possibilities are endless. Our members come to us from Arlington, Alexandria, Potomac, Annandale, Burke, Springfield, and Fairfax and beyond.

WorkAway Solutions is already known for providing comfortable office spaces with flexible use options at a great value. If a private office exceeds your needs and you’re just looking for a place to meet with your team or clients, WorkAway Lounge is the perfect fit.

In meeting rooms, the large displays with HDMI connection are perfect for video conferencing or if you prefer a more hands-on approach with a whiteboard, there’s still a great place for you to stay focused, connect and get work done.

All these great features and services are already given at WorkAway Solutions.

Now, something new and exciting is available to you, the WorkAway Virtual Membership.

The Virtual Membership comes with these benefits:

  • Community forum

  • No cost Telehealth program for everyone in your household

  • Inclusion in our business directory

  • Two ½ day coworking passes per month (a $40 value)

  • Discounted business mailing address at $40 per month (a $50 value)

All these for just $34 per month and $19 per month per employee for the same benefits.

You will find it hard to get all these valuable benefits anywhere else.

With the Virtual Membership, you are not only going to be one of the many businesses and organizations that take advantage of WorkAway Solutions’ many great services, you’ll also become part of a community that has grown around it. It opens up fantastic opportunities for networking, collaboration and growing your business. You might even be surprised that the next partner or client could have been using the same conference room you booked today or that they have been taking advantage of WorkAway’s business mailing services.

Gone are the days of leaving a business card in a bowl at the reception desk. With the Virtual Membership, you get exclusive access to a thriving community of organizations and professionals.

To give you more exposure, your business or organization could be featured in a newsletter where you could tell your success story or showcase the great products and services you offer. It can also be a great venue to share best practices and learn from others on how to succeed at their business.

If you’re a professional in search of the next project or client, the Virtual Membership would open up new opportunities to do just that and possibly more.

Take this opportunity now and let WorkAway Virtual Membership be another channel for growth or expansion.

These times are challenging and with the economy steadily bouncing back from the pandemic, becoming part of a community and network of organizations with diverse expertise and expansive reach would surely be an advantage for your own business.

We invite you to join the WorkAway Virtual Membership and become part of the growing community. It’s a bright new opportunity that is just on the horizon.