What is your health and safety policy?

As an update due to COVID-19, we have limited seating and have made policy changes:

  • The conference room will be available to a capacity of 4 people per meeting unless a waiver is on file.
  • Tables in the open space have a limit of 2 people per table.
  • If you have been exposed to anyone who has been ill or you are not feeling well, please refrain from utilizing WorkAway for 14 days.
  • Upon entry to the space, everyone should use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.
  • For use of the phone booth, please wipe down the following after use: desk, light switch, chair, doorknob.
  • We will be sanitizing desks at the end of every day and we will place a card on the desk indicating that it has been cleaned.
  • Throughout the day, we sanitize the water cooler, copier, microwave handle, fridge handles, etc.
  • We are well stocked with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and bleach/water solutions for cleaning.
  • During this time, we will have limited staffed hours.